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Editorial: Homeowner's Insurance

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The devastation left behind by Hurricane Sandy The devastation left behind by Hurricane Sandy

Last October Hurricane Sandy left thousands in our area without power and worse yet with wind and water and hail damage to their homes.  

Well, wouldn't you know insurance companies are not happy about paying out these unusual claims and many companies are now adding separate deductibles for wind and hail damage.

The largest insurer in Ohio, Nationwide, says that Ohio homeowners now need to be subjected to the same kind of deductibles that you already see in hurricane states.

Now, Sandy was a once in a hundred year event and forcing a deductible after most homeowners have paid years and years of premiums just doesn't seem fair.

But it's not just deductibles. Most insurance companies have also been slowly raising insurance rates to cover their losses from Sandy, even though Ohio law says they cannot raise rates based on a single disaster.

So, we call on the state insurance board to take a hard look at this new development.  And, in the meantime, homeowners would be wise to shop around.

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