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New skin to be installed around Cleveland's Celebrezze Building

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Celebrezze Federal Building, Cleveland Celebrezze Federal Building, Cleveland

It is a project that has been going on for more than two years now, and when done should help hundreds of workers beat the heat.

A new skin is being installed around the Celebrezze Federal Building on Saturday in a project that is the first of its kind.

The scaffolding has been up since late 2011, and won't come down till late 2014.  In government speak, the facade and roof replacement recovery project.  In English, putting a new exterior skin over the old one. 

It is more than a facelift. The Celebrezze Building currently leaks energy like a sieve. The place is drafty and cold in the winter, and so hot in summer that it's uncomfortable to sit near a sunny window. Glass on the hot south and west sides will be more dense than on other surfaces evening things out.

The secret to the new job are modern materials. The current building is basically un-insulated.  Energy costs are nearly $4 million a year. That should be cut by about 20% when the skin is up. The new double glass wall and light shelves will reduce solar gain, and the cavity of air between the old and new walls will serve as insulation and keep the place warmer in winter. 

Additionally, 19 Action News has learned the original skin was deteriorating. This should stabilize that. A new roof is part of the job as well as security improvements. Defense finance jobs would have been moved out of town without the security upgrade.

The second skin is an expensive job, a $121 million dollar upgrade.  The Celebrezze Building only cost $32 million dollars to build, about a quarter of the new job. 

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