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Editorial: Giving in to The Mob

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The city of Cleveland Heights canceled last weekend's planned Coventry Arts Fair for the second year in a row fearful that the event would again be disrupted by gangs of rowdy teenagers.

In 2011, sixteen teens were arrested at the fair for fighting and drinking. Cleveland Heights Mayor Edward Kelley said canceling the fair was the appropriate and responsible thing to do. He is wrong. Communities that shut- down fairs, festivals and other social events in the face of intimidation by gangs of thugs are themselves being irresponsible and cowardly.  The punks win in that kind of decision-making and the losers are the good citizens and well-behaved families who are deprived of some wholesome entertainment.

Cleveland Heights isn't alone in taking this timid approach.  Several inner ring suburban communities have canceled similar events in recent years…cowering in fear of malevolent flash mobs.  Well, it's high time our communities grow a backbone in dealing with these post-pubescent punks.  If it means ringing the festival grounds with armed cops...so be it.

Write and let me know what you think.  I'm Bill Applegate and here's the address.

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