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Browns win fires up fans

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Browns fans are a pretty smart bunch, and they realize that whatever happens in the pre-season really has no bearing on what will happen during the regular season.  That being established, it is hard to deny the fact that fans came away from Thursdays 27-19 preseason victory over the St Louis Rams, pretty fired up about their team.

And why not get a little fired up, quarterback Brandon Weeden looked sharp in the win, and everyone knows if the Browns don't get decent quarterback play, the season will go up in flames.

"I'm excited I think Cleveland is ready, I think Weeden is ready to go, he looked pretty sharp," said fan Andrew Tomko.

And Madeline Milicki, "Brandon Weeden did a really good job, we scored some touchdowns and the defense looked great so the confidence level is a little higher."

Some fans believe it's the coaching change that is going to make the difference.  At least that's what Browns fan Bill Dillingham believes, "I think the coaching staff is much improved having a former head coach as an assistant is terrific, and I like the head coach," he said.

So Weeden looked good, the coaching staff was in control and organized, those are critical issues but some fans are not ready to get carried away.  And that group includes Alfred Hills who said, "We love to win, we get our hopes up high and next week when we lose it's like fire the coach, change the quarterback, so it needs to be one step at a time."

And the next step for the Browns is Thursday August 15th when the Detroit Lions will be at First Energy Stadium.

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