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Browns v Rams post game interviews

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Browns Head Coach Rob Chudzinski


"We'll start out with an injury report. We came out of the game in good shape from that standpoint. Yesterday, in practice, Chris Owens hurt his foot a little bit. He has a strained arch. We are not expecting him to be out very long. We needed to hold him. He didn't even know until after practice until he reported it. Other than that, we came out in good shape tonight. I was pleased with the first game, it's good to win. I was pleased with how hard our guys came out and responded early offensively, defensively and special teams. We were able to make plays early in the game. I was really pleased with that. There are a number of performances of guys stepping up and making some big plays. Whether it is Travis on the punt return, Phil Taylor knocked the ball out on the first drive down there in the Red Zone and a guy like Greg Little goes up and makes a spectacular play. So, it was a combination of all phases doing it. A lot of the little things that we talk about, protecting the football, we didn't have any turnovers in the game. We had a few penalties and we need to continue to improve on that. We gave up too many big plays defensively, especially in the second half that hurt us. We have a lot to work on, we have a long ways to go, but it's a good start. Certainly, it is one game and a preseason game, but I am pleased with the way the guys came out to play."

On Brandon Weeden's performance:

"I thought he did a good job. He was in there for a number of scoring drives and moving the ball. Our offense was moving early in the game with him at the helm. He looked calm. Again, we will go back and look at the tape and evaluate that further. First impression was that we came out and we had some good drives and he was a big part of that."

On the difference between Saturday's offense and today:

"I think when I talked about that, maybe it was made a bigger deal than it was. When I say it isn't clicking, I am talking about consistency. Maybe in a certain practice, things aren't clicking, we're not executing well and the next day we are executing well. What we are really looking for is to be consistent in that area. I thought the first team execution was good. I would like to see it continue to be good and not be up and down. That's what we're working for."

On what Dion Lewis was able to do:

"Dion has some good plays. Obviously he got an opportunity. He really did what he has been showing in practice. That is one of the things we have been stressing with our guys to transfer what they do on the practice field to the game. I think you saw tonight what Dion has been doing in practice."

On Mingo being active on special teams and defense:

"He was. He very active. I think he had a sack that was nullified with a penalty. He was real active in his pass rush on the field."

On if it hit him that this was his first head coaching experience with the Browns:

"It did early. But one you get in the game and into the flow of the game you realize that you have a job to do and then I really just focused on that."

On if he felt pretty comfortable on the sideline:

"I did. We have a great coaching staff and guy that have been there. This preseason is a lot of ways is as much for us to work out the kinks and work with guys who haven't worked together. On offense and defense I was really pleased with that group and how they were able to be efficient during the course of the game."

On if there were any panic moments today:

"No, no panic moments."

On Travis Benjamin's punt return reinforcing his speed:

"He had a nice return last year. We felt good about him in the punt return game. Obviously he showed that tonight. He did a good job and we had some really nice block on that return as well."

On if his first game lived up to his expectations:

"It was everything that was advertised. The thing that we have to keep in perspective and that we have to talk to our guys about is that this is a long journey. It was the first game and it was a preseason game. We always play to win, so that's good but we have a lot of work to do and a long way to go. We need to get in there and keep grinding, scrapping and fighting to keep getting better."

On if he believes that preseason games can provide valuable confidence:

"I think you always play to win. The preseason, especially when you are only playing guys for a certain amount of time it is really about their individual play. We focus on getting them quality reps with the reps that they do get in. That is what we are looking for those guys to do. Certainly it's good to win and you always play to win no matter what it is."


Browns Players


LB D'Qwell Jackson:
On the defense
"I thought we did a pretty good job of stopping the run, first off. That's what you have to do if you want to be a good defense in this league. You have to be able to control the runner. I thought we did that for the time we were in there; then again, they made some plays early on in the ball game, but we settled down and were able to get them off the field. Overall, I thought we did a pretty decent job"

On pressuring the QB immediately

"Sam Bradford does a great job of staying in the pocket. He's a taller guy, so he's seeing over the offensive linemen – and with the pressure- he seemed to not be phased by it, but it got him off rhythm a little bit and I thought we fared pretty well."

On whether or not the Browns showed their aggressive defense tonight

"No, we don't want to show our hand too early. We showed them a few packages, but just to work on some things. Overall, we didn't want to show our hand this early in the preseason."

On Rookie LB Barkevious Mingo

"He did a great job. It's tough going from practice, then to go to game speed, and be able to rush the passer every down. He did a tremendous job. He showed a great poise and condition. He was in great condition and that's the first battle. When you start playing these games, the level of intensity goes up through the roof and he was able to match that intensity. We all have a lot of work to do and it's a good start for Mingo."



LB Paul Kruger

On Barkevious Mingo
"I thought he was really explosive.  He just has to refine a few things and he is right there.  He is an extremely talented guy that knows the defense.  For him, I think it is going to be a really good progression, really quick."

On his success on the field
"The turnover was big.  We had a couple of plays we let go.  Phil (Taylor) came in and made a great play.  And the ‘three-and-out.'  It works out and I think that we are moving in the right direction."

On being in a new uniform
"It's different for sure.  But I have been able to be here for a couple of months and work with these guys and spend a lot of time.  It feels right.  We are becoming a family.  Our defense has really been coming together the past couple of weeks, especially in camp.  We are right where we need to be."


RB Dion Lewis
On thoughts on the game
"We did alright; there's always room for improvement."

On your screen play for 16 yards

"It was a screen play that had a good amount of running room. It was a great call by coach and well executed."

On your touchdown catch

"It was good. It was a little ‘out' route that was just a good call."


LB Barkevious Mingo

On starting the game by blowing up the opening kickoff

"Yeah, I was just excited to open the game off. I wanted to go down there and make a play."

On your quickness on the field

"Just got down there and made plays; speed kills."

On anything different from what you had to do at LSU

"It was fun, everything I thought it would be. I enjoyed being out there with my teammates. I just really enjoyed getting back to playing football."


QB Brandon Weeden:
On his performance
"Looking back, I felt pretty good, pretty comfortable.  I just wanted to manage the game, have positive plays, don't go backwards and do my part to help the offense to do that.  Overall, the communication was great, which allows us to play a little faster.  Just knowing where to go with the football.  I think I pretty much made pretty good decisions tonight.  The guys around me made big plays.  Overall, it was pretty good.  We will have to watch some more tape tomorrow.  It is early and it looks good."

On the uncertainty of the communication on offense
"Just the communication in the headset from the sideline, just how it all functions.  Not necessarily the scheme, I wouldn't say.  We have a great staff for each position.  Just how it all functions and how much time we are going to have after we called the play in the huddle.  How much time we are going to kill or shift or whatever it may be.  That was the only unknown I really had but, that was fantastic tonight.  I thought we played fast getting in and out of the huddle.  We definitely made good decisions and were receptive to everything we did.

On having more time out of the huddle
"It allows you to see what is going on around you.  You can see what the defense is doing, how they are lining up, what personnel is in, what they are doing for that particular play.  It just allows you to see more.  When you are about to snap it, it is going to happen all the time.  But you have to get the snap to keep from getting a delay of game.  It is tough on a quarterback, but our coaches do not want us to be like that.  They want to put us in a good position.  I thought that Norv (Turner) and everyone did great tonight.  It is nice as a player and a quarterback to be able to know what is going on."


Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher


On if he would have liked to have had a better start to the first preseason game
"The first preseason game is never an indication of where you're at because there are so many different things going on. We had one period to prepare for them and that's certainly not enough to see what they're doing defensively so I'm not concerned about that. I'm looking at the positives and look at QB Sam (Bradford) and Sam's throws and the catches that WR Chris (Givens) made. With the turnover, unfortunately the time of possession got so out of whack we just couldn't play the offense any more. We were going to sub and the defense didn't get them off the field on third down, particularly because we kept them to the basics. We got to play a lot of players and we'll be able to say that we saw some good things out of some young players."

On QB Sam Bradford's accuracy
"Yeah, that's the camp he's had. I think we're pleased. We didn't go into preseason game one to see how our quarterback was. We have our quarterback. We just wanted to play some people. Then losing RT Rodger (Saffold), he's sore right now. X-rays were negative.   We're going to do some tests tomorrow to find out. Everybody else got a chance to play and got to play the numbers we wanted them to play."

On what happened during the punt return for a touchdown
"There's probably going to be a couple of holes and P Johnny (Hekker), it's that classic out-kick your coverage type thing. Both teams were working on double presses so our gunners didn't get down there. Ordinarily speaking, we're going to have one-on-one's to cover. It's a different deal. I'm sure we had some missed tackles, but I'm glad it happened in the preseason rather than the regular season."

On playing a very basic defense
"Yes, we stayed very basic and that was our intention. We've been practicing a lot more things, but stayed real basic."

On Browns DC Ray Horton's blitzing a lot tonight
"Yeah, they did. It was good to see us pick it up. We need that work."


Rams Players

DE Chris Long

On playing time

"As always, the first preseason game is not a great indicator, as Coach Fisher said, of where we are as a team. But we can really get in here, hash some film out tomorrow, and find some things about ourselves that maybe we haven't figured out. Obviously, there are things we need to work on. A to Z, everyone on this team has something they need to work on."

On the Defensive Line getting a certain amount of playing time

"Yeah, it was the plan that we were going to get a certain amount of plays. Obviously, we left the Defense out on the field too long on the first series and didn't do some of the things we needed to do to get them off the field. As a result, we were out pretty early."

On Defense being basic

"Absolutely, very basic. We have a lot of things up our sleeve. The important thing right now is to not give and show too much and work on your fundamentals. You need that foundation and a really good way to do that is to work on your basic defense."


QB Sam Bradford

On how he felt out there tonight

"I felt good. It's obviously nice finally to get some live action. In practice, it's really hard to simulate game speed and, obviously, there are going to be some things we need to clean up. It was nice to finish off with a touchdown drive."

On how WR Chris Givens looked

"He looked good. One of his strengths is speed and it allows him to stretch the field. He did a great job beating the corner and tracking the ball to make a big catch."

On still playing early in the second quarter

"It really wasn't a time deal. It was more plays. Obviously, at the end of the first quarter we had only run 9 plays. We went right to the number of plays we talked about. We knew we were going to play until we hit that number, and it just so happened it went into the second (quarter) today."


WR Chris Givens:

On the game

"It's the first preseason game, guys were nervous.  A lot of guys, it was their first NFL game.  We didn't read too much into it.  We are going to watch the film, correct the mistakes and learn from it. "

On playing well in WR competition

"It feels really good.  The competition only makes us all better.  So we are all just going to work and push each other to be the best players we can be."

On him being in sync early on with QB Sam Bradford

"I think so.  Just all the work I put in the offseason and the amount of time we both put in together.  It's just going to continue to payoff for us."


LB James Laurinaitis

On how the team played

"The first one is a learning experience.  You just try to learn from it and really grow.  You want to see growth from game 1 to 2, 2 to 3, and 3 to 4.  We will learn from it.  We just made some mistakes.  There was some good, some bad.  That's why you play these 4, before the regular thing kicks off."

On if they would have gone for a 2 point conversion with a late touchdown

"I don't know.  That would have been an interesting play call.  I think Coach (Jeff Fisher) goes for 2 though."

On LB Alec Ogletree

"We need him to be a great defense.  We need Alec.  Definitely be working with him, any questions he has, I answer them.  He's going to learn from it.  I'm not worried about him."

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