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Glenville Annual Community Festival -- full of food, fun and police

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36th Annual Glenville Community Fest 36th Annual Glenville Community Fest

With several squad cars at the entrance, an ambulance standing by just in case and a special police watch tower set up --  is this what the 36th Annual Glenville Community Fest has come to?

"Oh that's what it has come to -- no if's, and's or but's about it," said one festival-goer.

The concern is that all this food, fun, music and camaraderie will be will be shattered by gang violence.

Councilman Jeff Johnson says the Cutthroat gang recently made an alarming video and in it all they do is glorify guns and thugs.

The councilman says the gangs have been fighting in the area this week including Wednesday when patrons at a beauty shop all hit the floor after hearing at least 20 shots fired.

One of the stray bullets hit an 11 year old boy. Six gunmen were seen running from the chaos after police arrived.

"The police, everyone needs to step up. Either they win or we win that's how I look at it," said a Cleveland resident. "There are a lot of police officers out here, undercover men and women in blue but if we don't do it then they win."

Folks at the festival seem determined not to let Wednesday's violence spoil Saturday's fun.

"Just going out here to have a good time, chill with everybody and have a good time," added another Cleveland resident.

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