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Cleveland Clinic Police will soon have more power

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Cleveland City Council is expected to take action Wednesday, August 14, to give more power to the Cleveland Clinic Police.

A committee will talk about giving them traffic enforcement power on the campus of Fairview Hospital and Lutheran Hospital.

They are also expected to be given more powers along RTA's Health Line route.

This agreement expands the authority of CCF police from just the Clinic to the other two facilities in the city of Cleveland.

"We support the legislation and have worked with CCF to develop a protocol that we believe is in the community's best interest," said Public Safety Director Martin Flask.

The Clinic's police chief will be at the hearing.

Here's a look at the legislation:

Ord. No. 845-13 authorizing the Director of Public Safety to enter into an amendment to Contract No. 66975 with The Cleveland Clinic Foundation to authorize the Cleveland Clinic Police Department to enforce City traffic laws, parking regulations and traffic direction and control on the properties encompassing Lutheran Hospital and Fairview Hospital and to grant full police authority to Cleveland Clinic Police Department officers while on-duty and in-uniform on the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Healthline corridor busses and platforms.

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