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Bus tour urges nation's leaders to support common-sense gun policies

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Chardon shooting survivor Nick Walczak Chardon shooting survivor Nick Walczak
Rally in Akron Rally in Akron

The "No More Names: National Drive to Reduce Gun Violence" made a stop at Akron's Grace Park Wednesday afternoon.

"No More Names" is a campaign where participants are voicing support for comprehensive background checks and urging lawmakers to reconsider their positions on bi-partisan background checks legislation.

One of the faces of the tour is Carlee Soto. She has made it her personal mission to fight for tougher gun legislation. Eight months ago, her older sister Victoria, a first grade teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary, was shot and killed in Newtown, Connecticut.

"I had to do something so that other people didn't feel the pain that my family has to go through," Soto said.

Northeast Ohio Carry member said, "People kill people."

On the other hand, "No More Names" supporter has this message.  "Yes, the do, but without a gun it's not as easy."

Chardon High School shooting survivor Nick Walczak attended the event at Grace Park and made it clear his first public show of support is for stricter gun laws.

Nick Walczak was paralyzed in the deadly February 2012 shooting rampage at Chardon High School.

"I didn't know what was happening.  It was a Monday morning.  I got shot 4 times, in the neck, arm, back and shoulder, paralyzed in the knee.  All I can ask for is better background checks," said Nick Walczak.

Nick added, "No one is asking to take your gun away. We just want you to be more responsible and make sure you should be the right person to hold a gun."

Nick says he is doing just fine and is excited about attending college in the fall.

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