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Playhouse Square transformation on schedule

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Playhouse Square, Downtown Cleveland Playhouse Square, Downtown Cleveland
Rendering of chandelier Rendering of chandelier
Rendering of archways Rendering of archways

Playhouse Square and Star Plaza are already a key part of the downtown Cleveland experience, but millions of dollars are being spent to turn the area into a destination location and a vibrant downtown neighborhood.

Star Plaza already has a new look with Chef Zach Bruell opening his Dyn-o-Mite Burgers cafe on sight and a giant fire pit is ready for action, as is a concert stage.

Next, and on schedule to be finished by April, is a street scape overhaul featuring a giant electric Playhouse Square sign that will go up on the Cowell and Hubbard building. Huge archways will go up trumpeting the street entrances to Playhouse Square and a massive twenty four foot high chandelier, representative of the theatres, will hang from three giant steel arms, right over the intersection of East 14th and Euclid. 

"We really do believe it is something that is going to separate Playhouse Square and it's going to be this iconic structure that when the national media comes to town will be the photo shoot," said Playhouse Square President Art Falco.

But you can't have a vibrant public space with out people, lots of them, and that's where the residential aspect comes in. The Hannah Annex project,  which is not connected to the Playhouse Square makeover, but it's a critical, piece of transforming the area into a true neighborhood.  Now called the Residences at Hanna, there are over 100 apartments available and almost everyone of them is leased.

"We have the wonderful theatres of Playhouse Square, we have more residential living here, and we have all these office workers so really it's this 24-7 neighborhood were striving for," said Falco.

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