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Editorial: Independence in the press box

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There once was a time when sports commentators were allowed to add color.  Howard Cosell, John Madden, and Harry Caray were among some of the best. They were honest, funny, and occasionally controversial.  

But they toiled in an era of independence and not bridled by today's nonsensical political correctness. And they were also employed, for the most part, by broadcasters and not the team owners. Well, today's announcers walk a tight rope in part because they are paid by the same people that they are covering. If you are too critical of a player, the coach, or the owner, you run the risk of being benched.

And, so goes the story with Bernie Kosar. His comments last week about the poor play of the St. Louis Rams receivers and the impromptu prayer that he had for their back-up quarterback provoked whining from the Rams head coach, and led to the Browns warning Kosar and forcing him to apologize.

Well, to some his comments were amusing. To others he was hitting below the belt. Either way, it was honest and unscripted. And from my armchair, it was also refreshing.

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