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Editorial Reply: Terry Wascovich

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Terry Wascovich Terry Wascovich
(WOIO) -

I am Terry Wascovich, an insurance agent for twenty years responding to Bill Applegate's home insurance editorial.  

Home insurance rates and coverages changed long before Hurricane Sandy mainly due to other storm-related claims.  These types of claims include sewer back-up as a result of cities that don't clean out the storm sewers causing raw sewage to back up into basements, as well as claims when unethical roofing contractors go door-to-door telling people they have damage when many times they don't.  Insurance companies often pay these claims just to make a customer happy. 

This year over 130,000 claims have been filed in Ohio, causing losses of over 658 million dollars. The insurance industry has been helpful in the economic recovery of our country, getting homeowners back on their feet in time of crisis. 

As a homeowner, I don't want to pay anymore than I have to but the rates are increasing due to these claims. That is why I encourage you to shop around for better rates and coverage. Remember, Ohio still has one of the lowest rates in the country. 

Thank you.


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