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Memories of the 2003 Summer Blackout

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Wednesday marks ten years since the Summer Blackout, when much of the Midwest, Northeast and parts of Canada went dark. 

It started right here in Northeast Ohio.  Sixty million people plunged into darkness when a damaged power line set off a chain reaction.

Millions of homes went without electricity for about two days in the late summer heat.

People remember vividly where they were during the blackout.

"I was driving in Strongsville going to pick up dog. I didn't think it was a terrorist attack or anything like that, but didn't know what was going on.  It was a confusing time," said resident, Jim Sabrey.

It took him two hours to make a three-mile trip to the vets.

Danielle Lannings was in the middle school having lunch ten years ago today.

"The whole gym went black.  Everyone screamed.  But that's about all I can remember," said Lannings.

Traffic was incredibly backed up that day. 

Trying to navigate from downtown was a mess.  Eric Waithe had to get his son from daycare on Mayfield Road.

"Nobody knew what was happening so there was a lot of theories around, so it was pretty scary," explained Waithe.

It was also extremely hot.

"it was a hot night.  I just pretty much went to bed about 4 O'clock my power came back on 4 a.m."

First Energy has added new facilities and equipment; enhanced operator training and implemented new standards to prevent another major blackout.

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