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Back to School: Getting ready for dorm life

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Decking out your dorm can be expensive and tricky, as students now have a roommate to consider, and get along with.

The Consolo family is on a mission, to prepare Jenna for her first year at John Carroll University, and set her dorm up right.

"It's kind of like starting all over, setting up everything my own way," said Jenna, an incoming freshman.

"We are literally buying everything as if she's moving in to her own place because she is. She doesn't have a mom or dad to clean up after her if she doesn't clean. This is starting all over fresh," said her mom, Denine.

They're shopping at Walmart for some necessities like a broom, other cleaning supplies and storage.

"I need my comforter, pillow cases and towel -- everything," said Jenna.

And as they consider indulging in the new campus must-haves: like a mini-fridge, personalized microwave and a bean bag ottoman -- they're comparing prices.

"We want to be realistic here but make it nice," said Denine.

But Cleveland Clinic Psychologist, Dr. Mike McKee, says Jenna's must keep in mind, she's outfitting a shared space.

"When you get there, try to set up a schedule, who showers when, who cooks if there's a kitchen involved, who does the dishes, who takes out the trash," said McKee.

He says it's a good idea to learn as much as you can about your roommate before you move in.

"I looked her up on twitter, started messaging her and got her number," said Jenna

"No matter what you study this is going to be a harder course for a lot of people," said McKee.

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