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Investigators: Wanted sex offenders using same address

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Homeless Shelter, 2100 Lakeside in Cleveland Homeless Shelter, 2100 Lakeside in Cleveland

Nearly 20 sex offenders have just been indicted for hiding on your streets, and several of the suspects claim they live at one homeless shelter, but they can't be found.

The shelter is located at 2100 Lakeside in Cleveland.   

The shelter helps the down and out but sex offenders often list it as their address, then disappear. Yet sex offenders have to tell sheriff's deputies where they live or face a felony charge.

Erik Ware and Cory Cheetham are among the several indicted for listing the shelter as an address and disappearing. 

Police recently found Cheetham living in a garage in Tremont. Police say he went after kids at a library.

The shelter is run by Lutheran Metropolitan Ministries and the group points out it can't control if someone lies and uses this address.

Plus the shelter has a fingerprint scan, so it records the names of the homeless actually sleeping there and when. If deputies ask, the shelter does tell.

"If a law enforcement person asks us, was a certain person here yesterday or sometime over the last month, we will say yes, 30 days over the last 30 days--whatever the request, we're able to comply with it," said Mike Sering.

Of course, the address check is no guarantee anyway of no trouble. Serial Killer Anthony Sowell killed 11 women, and he never hid where he lived.

We've just seen so many over the years list the shelter then vanish.

And some of the sex offenders lying about addresses get indicted for it over and over and they're still hiding on your streets.

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