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Alert: Problem at Solon Park Apartments

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Two woman attacked by the same suspect near Solon Park Apartments Two woman attacked by the same suspect near Solon Park Apartments

There is a problem at the Solon Park Apartments and that problem is targeting women walking by themselves.

"He was pulling me by my arm and I'm holding on to the door like screaming like crazy and then he just ran behind the apartments," said a 911 caller. 

The 911 call came from a 17-year-old girl back in April. She was grabbed by a man with a shirt pulled over his head. Two days later it happened again, this time to a 70-year-old woman.

"All at once someone came up and grabbed me from behind, I mean I screamed, I'm by myself and it's dark out. And I turned around and it was a young, I've never seen the male before, and he ran when I screamed," stated victim number two in her 911 call.

Apparently after a few months off the suspect is back at it because it's happened again.

His victim last week was the same 70 year old woman attacked in May. This time he cornered her in the mailbox area of her apartment building and grabbed her breast. But he took off when she started screaming.

Solon Police believe all three cases are connected because the suspect description is pretty similar, although the victims haven't been able to see much because he's either wearing a hoodie or a shirt over his face.

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