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Day 2: Jurors watch video of Zack Reed shortly after drunk driving arrest

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Booking room video of Zack Reed Booking room video of Zack Reed

The drunk driving trial of Cleveland City Councilman Zack Reed started on Friday with a booking room video of Reed being given a breath test to determine his blood alcohol level.

The tape shows officers telling Reed what would happen if he refuses the test. Reed refused the test. Reed is adamant that his use of Listerine is what officers smell.

At one point, Reed tells the officers that he didn't use his turn signal. They agree.

"You would have stopped me anyway," Reed replied.

Reed then asked officers, "Why are you doing this to me?" He insists he passed field sobriety tests.

The tape shows Reed being patted down to be jailed. Prosecutor notes he leans against a wall for support as he takes his shoes off.

Reed was arrested on March 5 at the intersection of East 9th and Rockwell Avenue after he failed to stop at a red light and made an improper turn. He refused to take a breath test. Reed is facing four charges, with the most serious being drunk driving. The other charges are minor traffic offenses.

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