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Lear Nagle - I-90 Interchange already boosting business in Avon

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Opening of Lear Nagle interchange in Avon Opening of Lear Nagle interchange in Avon

It took 16 years to build the Lear Nagle - I-90 interchange off of Lear Nagle Road, but it probably won't take as long to see gas stations, hotels and restaurants pop up there.

Avon Mayor Jim Smith says sometimes he gets choked up thinking about the new exit. It's one of his proudest accomplishments in his 20 years as Mayor.

"There were times I couldn't talk about it because it gets up in your throat - very emotional - it took a long time," said Mayor Jim Smith.  

There were just so many hurdles to get something done that would bring the Cleveland Clinic to Avon.

"No exit. No Cleveland Clinic," said Smith.

Other businesses like the people that bring us duct tape have expanded. That has everything to do with easy access and big time exposure along the highway.

"We can get our larger trucks and cranes on the highway quicker now that the construction is done. It's so nice getting in and out of here," said Mike Wechter, owner of Mike's Tree Service.

And now that the Cleveland Clinic is set to become a seven floor, full blown hospital facility - the businesses that will follow are a no brainer.

"This area is going to be overwhelmed with people who need things, need services - need food, places to stay," added Rob Knopf, the city engineer.

So far, the Mayor says there are no written contracts for new businesses around the interchange, but he says it's only a matter of time. 

The catalyst for all of this change, the expansion of the Cleveland Clinic, is expected to start next year.

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