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Ohioans respond to Crisis in Egypt

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The death toll continues to rise in Cairo and Friday was one of the deadliest.

Thousands poured into the streets for a Friday of rage. It was protesters response to days of deadly government crackdowns. The violence is being felt here in Ohio, too.

At his restaurant on Cleveland's far east side Adel Massoud is a world away from the violence consuming his birthplace of Cairo, Egypt but he is just as committed as other Egyptians to see a Democratic government there which he says does not include ousted President Mohammed Morsi.

"He used his power against the people which is why we have to stop this," said Massoud.

Henni Abdalmalek is another Egyptian living in Ohio and after Friday's violence Cairo which has left at least 42 people dead, Henni Abdalmalek is worried about his family back home.

"They are afraid they stay at home everybody is afraid," said Abdalmalek.

The violence exploded in July when its military forcibly removed Morsi from office. Morsi is the head of the Muslim brotherhood and is accused of becoming a dictator as soon as he was elected president.

"They are killing people in the streets they are burning churches," Abdalmalek.

Both men say at least 70 percent of Egyptians are prepared to fight for freedom how ever long it takes.

we stick together with the army and police and we will win.

"We will win it will take time," said Abdalmalek. 

According to reports the Muslim brotherhood plans more violence for next week.

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