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Hair surgery for hair loss

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Hair replacement surgery, ARTAS Robotic System Hair replacement surgery, ARTAS Robotic System

It is a major self esteem issue for millions of Americans.

Hair loss as we age is a fact of life for some, but now there's a major advancement in hair transplant surgery and the only doctor performing the surgery in Beachwood, Ohio.

Dr. Robert Haber of Haber Dermatology is looking at a highly magnified on screen image of a patients scalp and using what looks like a video game remote to control a robotic arm that with remarkable precision, harvests the patients hair.

It is a much cleaner process than the typical skin strip harvest system that most times depending on hair style and length would leave a visible scar.

"Instead of a linear scar the patient is left with multiple tiny scars, which usually disappear, you just can't see them," says Dr. Robert Haber.@

The ARTAS Robotic System uses multiple cameras to determine the exact angle that the hair is emerging from the skin and then positions the needle perfectly.

"And with this technique, the harvesting success and the transection rate is very low and therefore the procedure is much more successful," says Dr. Robert Haber.@

There are only 33 other robotic systems in use across the country and this is the only one being used in the state of Ohio.

Dr. Haber has performed about a dozen procedures with the robotic system, some of them on patients who because of the scarring were not previously interested in the strip harvest procedure -- and there's another benefit...

"The remarkable thing is its almost completely painless from beginning to end, the patient will feel almost nothing," added Dr. Haber.

The cost varies depending on the level of treatment but it does cost more than the strip harvest.

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