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Akron City School teachers learn to fight back, when needed

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Akron Schools head back to the classroom next Wednesday and this year, officials say they have revamped security procedures.

19 Action News cameras were in Springfield Township as teachers and police took part in a training. They were acting as if there was an active shooter inside the high school. The teachers were getting what's called ALICE training.

"The acronym is Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter and evacuate. The idea is if somebody comes into the building you want to share that information," said Daniel Rambler of Akron City Schools.

This new type of training also shows students and their teachers how to use anything they have to protect themselves if they can't escape: using desks as door barricades and books as potential weapons. Akron Middle and High Schools have all done this training. Now Akron Elementary schools will learn ALICE too. The good news is:

"There is no history of ever being a shooting in a building," added Daniel.

And this year you will continue to see a police presence in all of the middle and high schools in Akron. That should help keep that history of safety current.

"We want to make sure kids come to school and then go home the same way they came," said Daniel.

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