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Close Call: Residents in Lorain neighborhood back in homes after gas leak

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Gas leak in Lorain Gas leak in Lorain
Gas leak in Lorain Gas leak in Lorain

A construction crew digging in Lorain struck a gas line with a cutter Tuesday afternoon.

Officials with the Fire Dept. say the Oberlin Avenue incident was reported around 2:30 PM. That prompted the evacuation of homes and businesses on W. 12 and W. 13 Street.

"It was like a boom and it sounded like a big machine like a jet maybe an airplane," said resident Sheila Vance.

The smell was so strong many Lorain residents had a tough time breathing.

"It stinks it smells real strong," said Juan Gonzalez.

"You start feeling light headed a little bit," said Vance.

Carol Cervantes just got out of the hospital after suffering a stroke only to find out she and dozens of homes near the rupture by West 12th street had to be evacuated. Emergency crews stood by just in case.

"I just want to go home to my house," said Carol Cervantes.

Lorain fire crews worked with Columbia Gas for several hours trying to figure out the best way to cap the leak.

"It could have definitely set off an explosion. We got very lucky that they had presence of mind to shut the machine off jumped out of the machine and yell for everybody in the area to get out of the way," explained Lorain Fire Chief Todd Kieswetter.

Nearly six hours after the rupture crews finally managed to cap the leak. No one was hurt.

"It's scary cause one of the officers said if it had blown it could take out about a four block radius," said Vance.

Just before 8 p.m. the Lorain City Fire Department said the gas leak was capped and residents were being let back into their homes.

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