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Trent should sit until the games actually count

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Cleveland (WOIO) - You ask me, I saw everything I needed to see from Trent Richardson last Thursday night against the Lions. He took a vicious sideline hit from Ndamukong Suh on their second series, rattled off a 17-yard run three plays later, and walked off the field feeling pretty good following his preseason debut. That's it for me. I'd sit him down until the regular season opener.

The Browns aren't going to do that, of course. They're going to play him on Saturday against the Colts. They won't play him extensively, just the first half, while the rest of the starters playing into the third quarter. But they're going to play him, and I don't see the point.

Check out the depth chart, and the running backs who've already gone down. Dion Lewis is done for the year. Montario Hardesty, laid up as well. Both recently underwent surgery.

Football is a violent game. Guys are going to get injured. But I'll take that risk in a game that means something. When your season is riding on your game-changing running back, and I've already seen what I need to see, I'd sit him. Until it actually matters.


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