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Editorial: Debate Burke Lakefront Airport

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There's a $20 million improvement underway on two of Cleveland's runways - but not the runways that you and I use at Hopkins Airport. These improvements are being made at Burke Lakefront, the sparsely used downtown airport that caters to private businesses and the rich and famous.

But the bigger question is why this airport wasn't shut down years ago? It sits on 400 acres of prime land along the Lake Erie shoreline. Prime real estate for commercial and residential developers in a city starving to re-energize its downtown.

Now, sure there are many other optimistic signs in downtown. A new Convention Center and Medical Mart, a Playhouse Square makeover, east-side Flats development and now plans to dramatically change Public Square into a vibrant urban park.

But the city's most valuable asset is its waterfront and for too long it's been ignored. The time has come to have a serious debate over the best use of this land and we should be having that debate before spending millions to upgrade that airport.

Write and let me know what you think. I'm Bill Applegate.

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