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Editorial: Campaign Sign Controversy

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Well, it was just last week that we asked Cleveland's mayoral candidates to start talking about the issues that matter most.

We were hoping for a serious exchange of ideas on how to solve the city's chronic unemployment, a struggling school system and a problem-plagued police department.

But instead Mayor Jackson and challenger Ken Lanci spent last week mostly arguing over campaign signs.

The city ordered Lanci to remove hundreds of the signs attached to city utility poles, saying they were illegal. Lanci calls the move "petty" and his attorney claims it's unconstitutional.

Well, the city may have a right to enforce existing sign laws, but, come on this smells like a case of selective enforcement targeting Lanci. And, if so, it's beneath the mayor's administration.

Once again, we're appealing to both campaigns to cut out these stunts and concentrate on the issues that will really matter at the polls this November.  

Write and let me know what you think. I'm Bill Applegate.

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