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Investigation: Do you get fair warning about portable speed cameras?

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Warning for Cleveland's portable speed cameras Warning for Cleveland's portable speed cameras

A 19 Action News investigation reveals a new reason to watch out for those portable speed cameras.

We found it's even easier than you may have thought for the city of Cleveland to say 'gotcha'.

New portable cameras record your speed. Drivers get tickets of a hundred bucks and more. But we're investigating do you really get a fair warning with these signs?

We measured the distance from warning signs to cameras around the city. City Hall has said the 'unofficial goal' was to give drivers 100 to 300 feet of warning.

But we found just 75 feet of warning before a camera on Pearl Road, and virtually the same warning distance at 55th and Quincy.

We found longer distances between signs and cameras on Detroit (173 feet) and at 23rd and St. Clair (266 feet).

City Hall says the placement of warning signs depends on curves, inclines, declines, school zones. Most of you say you want the cameras taken off the streets.

The portable cameras program has gotten off to a rocky start. Many tickets were thrown out the first day because the correct signs weren't up. One camera has now been removed for a repaving job. Four other cameras are still catching speeders.

The city says it wants drivers to slow down. We want to make sure you have fair warning.

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