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Places to catch the Tribe game...for free?

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Getting in Wednesday's Tribe game will be a real challenge so are there any free views around Cleveland?

Wednesday's game is sold out and you need to get a little creative and that's exactly what 19 Action News tried to do. We talked the guys at Geis Construction into letting us up on the roof of the old Ameritrust tower and what a view we have from here -- you can see the whole game play out.

But it's not easy getting up there, you'll have to ride a construction elevator up and it's a rattling bumpy ride, but what a view and a great place for a party.

Then there's the observation deck on the Terminal Tower. You can't see the Browns game but you could watch The Tribe except for parts of the outfield it's a great view.

Sadly the observation deck is only open on weekends but you could try the Gateway parking deck up the elevator to the top floor into the stairwell where you can see most of the infield.

Gateway Security might not let you hang out here but it's worth a try to see your Tribe.

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