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Walgreens now using safes in their pharmacies

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To secure commonly used controlled substances often targeted by criminals, Walgreens has expanded its use of time delay safes in all pharmacies in Ohio, northern Kentucky and southeastern Indiana.

Prescription drug abuse has been a growing problem across the country and drugstores have seen a corresponding uptick in robbery attempts.

The time-delay safes were first installed in Columbus, Ohio, in January. After seeing a significant decline in pharmacy robberies, Walgreens expanded the use of this technology throughout all of Ohio, northern Kentucky and southeastern Indiana.

In addition to the time delay safes, ample signage has been placed throughout Walgreens drugstores to warn would-be criminals that time delay safes are in place.  

Each Walgreens store also utilizes multiple security surveillance cameras and other crime-prevention strategies.

Once activated by a pharmacist, the safe is designed to remain locked for several minutes.

This concept is widely used in the banking and retail industry as a way to successfully eliminate the immediate availability of items frequently targeted in robberies.

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