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Handcuffed man escapes from probation officer

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Jacquez Lawson  (Source: Cuyahoga County Sheriff) Jacquez Lawson (Source: Cuyahoga County Sheriff)

Investigators are searching for a man who escaped from a probation officer for the Cleveland Municipal Court, and he did it while in handcuffs.

It happened on Wednesday when the man went to see a probation officer at an office near West 117th and Clifton.

The court says Jacquez Lawson went to see a probation officer and the officer smelled alcohol. The court says Lawson failed a breathalyzer, so a deputy bailiff put him in handcuffs to arrest him, but Lawson managed to run away. He even broke a window in the process of escaping.

The court also says anyone on probation is not allowed to drink any alcohol.

Police in Cleveland and Lakewood have been notified.

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