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Parking nightmare at the West Side Market

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If you ask most people how they feel about the West Side Market, they will probably say that they love the market but hate parking. 

According to vendors, people who don't shop at the market are using their parking lot and that is costing them business.

"Very tough and there is not a lot of common courtesy," says Don Roundtree, a market shopper.

The Westside Market Tenant Association and its 100 vendors lease the parking lot from the city of Cleveland and the association pays $6,000 a month for upkeep and security. 

Vendors say people who work or shop at other neighborhood businesses use the west side market as their all day personal parking spot.

 "When our normal customers come here and drive around for an hour and go home and maybe we see them  three weeks later because they finally get a spot-- that hurts," says Vincent Bertonaschi of the Westside Market Tenant Association.

Although there is a two hour parking restriction with the threat of being towed for non-adherence, it's obvious that the rule is not being enforced.

So in the meantime since there are no plans of a parking garage in the future, vendors are continuing to lose business.

"Our business is cut in half," says Abraham Kilani.

Shoppers who buy their groceries at the West Side Market have a very clear message for those who use it as a free all day parking pass.

"If you are not spending money at the West Side Market.  They don't need to be here.  Honestly.  Common courtesy-- honestly," says Don Roundtree.

The city says that they will continue to work on a long term solution.

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