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Trick-or-Treating with sex offenders

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Using a website to check where sex offenders live is very easy -- you can map them all out on your phone as you trick or treat with your kids. 

Trick or treaters are just discovering the county sheriff's sex offender search browsers are now a safety tool in  preparation for Halloween. 

19 Action News logged on and discovered In Lakewood there is a total of 58 sex offenders in town.

Would you be surprised to hear that number?

 "That seems like a pretty big number," said December Gearinger.

You can find out how many sex  offenders live in your neighborhood this Halloween by tossing in your home address or city in your county sheriff's or the Ohio Attorney General's website.  

"I think it would be a good idea for people  to do. I never thought about it before. I do go trick or treating with my 8 year old. I am going with him everywhere he goes," said Kim Russel.

In Ohio and in Lakewood there  are no bans on sex offenders passing out candy during Halloween.  

We discovered along Edgewater Drive in Lakewood, according to the Sheriff's website, you have 16 sex offenders in 4 different locations.

Here are a few trick or treating rules to follow:

  • Never enter the home of a person offering candy
  • Escort children as they approach each house
  • Do not eat any candy until it can be inspected at home
  • Use sidewalks and crosswalks. 
  • Wear light-colored or reflective clothing and flashlight
  • Report any suspicious activity to your local Police

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