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Editorial Response: Rick Vicich

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Hi, I'm Rick Vicich responding to Bill Applegate's city duped stadium deal.

I think that asking the city of Cleveland to contribute towards the upgrading of First Energy Stadium is a total waste of taxpayer money. I think that there are better ways to spend city funds.

Why not use the money to assist emergency people that have been laid off or repair roads and bridges? The city could use this money to update school buildings, repair Cleveland city school buses, or make it possible for the school district to employ more school crossing guards. We should invest in our schools because our children are the future.  

Why not renovate buildings so that residents have access to additional free clinics? Or play areas for the children? Or centers to teach students?

I feel that the best way to spend this money would be to do more for the children of Cleveland. They are the future. Upgrading the stadium seems to be something that could wait.    

Thank you.  

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