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Upon further review, interference call still lame

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Berea, OH (WOIO) - The day after, and Rob Chudzinski isn't changing his tune. After watching the game tapes, the Browns head coach still disagrees with the pass interference call on Leon McFadden that set the Patriots up at the one-yard line with :35 to go on Sunday, leading to Tom Brady's game-winning touchdown pass to Danny Amendola in the Patriots' 27-26 win.

"I still feel the same way", Chudzinski told the media at Browns headquarters on Monday, but once again failed to use poor officiating as an excuse. 

"We had opportunities to win that game and make the plays to win that game and do the things to win that game that would have been able to change the outcome. That's what we have to focus on."

Chudzinski was referring, in part, to the onside kick that preceded the interference call, when Fozzie Whittaker had a chance to recover the kick and seal the deal, but instead let it slip away. Kyle Arrington recovered for the Patriots on the Browns' 40 yard line, and two plays later, the interference call came.

Chudzinski was asked again to elaborate on the many questionable calls, but instead wisely chose to avoid the issue, saying "we need to make plays. I see positive signs, and the players see it, and we can go toe to toe with anybody."

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