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Drunk mom calls police for help with her children, gets arrested

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Anitra Kennedy Anitra Kennedy

You don't hear many calls like this, but it led to the arrest of Anitra Kennedy.

Kennedy has four children ages 11 and younger.

Kennedy realized she'd had too much drink—and she knew that could be trouble.

"What's wrong?," a dispatcher asked her when she called them for help.

"I'm drunk, and I can't deal with my kids, and I don't want to do nothing to hurt them," answered Anitra. 

Kennedy was taken to jail and charged with four counts of child endangering.

Camilia Terry, a Cleveland mother convicted of killing her 3-year-old son, just went to prison for killing her child. Child welfare workers worry if a woman like Kennedy gets arrested after calling for help will other women think twice about reaching out?

19 Action News reporter Ed Gallek asked Cleveland police about that, and a spokesman said the case is still under investigation.

 The county has its own 24-hour hotline for kids in crisis, but the county would not tell us about any past contact it may have had with this family.

Kennedy's children are now with a grandmother. Court records show Kennedy is looking into a first offenders program to have her record wiped clean.

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