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Cleveland Health Officials: An infectious disease is on the rise

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A 19 Action News Health Alert in Cuyahoga County.

Public Health officials in Cleveland are seeing a rise in Shigellosis cases, especially among children.

The Cleveland Department of Public Health is encouraging parents, schools, daycare centers and health care providers to take precautionary actions to prevent the spread of Shigellosis.

Shigellosis is a highly contagious form of diarrhea caused by Shigella bacteria. Shigella spreads from person to person contact and may cause severe diarrhea, fever and stomach cramps. Parents of children, or anyone with symptoms of Shigellosis should contact their healthcare provider for diagnosis and treatment.

Symptoms may last from 48 to 72 hours and frequently include diarrhea (may be watery or bloody), fever, and stomach cramps.

Here are some tips to help combat this health risk:

  • Wash hands with soap carefully and frequently, especially after going to the bathroom, after changing diapers, and before preparing food or beverages.
  • Do not prepare food for others while ill with diarrhea.
  • Sick children AND adults should stay home until cleared by a doctor to return to school or work.
  • Keep children with diarrhea out of childcare settings and common play areas.
  • Supervise hand washing of toddlers and small children after they use the toilet.
  • Dispose of soiled diapers properly.
  • Disinfect diaper-changing areas after using them.
  • Avoid swallowing water from ponds, lakes, or untreated pools.

For more information on Shigellosis contact the Cleveland Department of Public Health Office of Communicable Disease Surveillance and Epidemiology at (216) 664-3747.

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