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Violent hit & run suspect remains on the run

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Eddy Road road rage incident Eddy Road road rage incident
Gwendolyn Young (Source: Facebook) Gwendolyn Young (Source: Facebook)

19 Action News is uncovering new details involving that accident on Eddy Road Sunday night that put Gwendolyn Young in the hospital in intensive care.

Officer Ryan Durand, speaking to us on the phone, says the initial accident wasn't that bad.

"Barely a minor fender bender, no injuries," Officer Durand said.

Officer Durand says right before that the suspect ran a red light and struck Gwen Young's car. Young and the suspect got out and had words, the suspect drove off with Young hanging on to the side of his pick up, the suspect stopped a second time but police say Young would not relent.

"The female jumped back into his truck -- he then grabbed her out again. He stopped his truck again physically assaulted her, punching her in the face a couple of times got back in his vehicle post assault and drove away and in the process drove over her," added Officer Durand.

Young's mother,  a passenger watched in horror as the attack played out, a testament to the perils of road rage. 

"This incident alone tells that tale you don't know what anyone is going through on any given day," said Officer Durand.

The suspect's pick up is described as a full-sized Chevy Silverado with brown striping down the side. 

The driver is described as a 40 year old white male with black or brown hair that was slicked back and with a very pronounced jaw line. 

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