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Insuring your big ticket items

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Insuring your big ticket items Insuring your big ticket items

What do jewelry, fine art and guns all have in common?  You could ask Eric Gilham of Allstate Insurance.  He's provided coverage for all three.  

"Most homeowner or property insurance which would include renters insurance there is coverage for things like jewelry or art work things like that," Gilham said.

But, your policy may not allow for certain types of circumstances like losing the piece of jewelry.
In those cases you may want to get that prized possession covered.

Reporter Denise Zarrella asks Gilham, "When it comes to jewelry, there is no minimum amount that you can cover?"

"Once you get in like the four or five thousand dollar range people start insuring your jewelry," Gilham says.

Almost any gun or gun collection could be covered too.  Artwork is a little trickier. 

"You do have to have an appraisal.  So, you are paying for an appraisal. If you have an expensive painting in your home, you probably want it covered.  If you could afford the painting you could probably afford the coverage for it."

When in doubt, call your insurance agent.  This may be the best time to do it, because you never know what the new year could bring.

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