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Dressing for the cold, avoid frostbite

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Dressing for the cold Dressing for the cold

Just five minutes - that's how long it can take for frostbite to set in. That's why with the weather we're getting you have to take all the precautions to keep from ending up in the hospital.

The Stockwell family headed out for a night of fun tobogganing. but that means covering up, especially when the temperatures are bitter.

"They have lots and lots of layers on. A couple pairs of pants and a few socks and we're kind of bundled up like we're in the arctic. Snow pants, hats, gloves, and coats," Sara Stockwell said.

Sara says her boys love to be out in the cold but she and her husband Phil draw the line when it gets too dangerous.

"We were getting cold earlier. We took a break, sat by the fire," Phil said.

"Parts of you that are most at risk are going to be fingers and ears and the tip of the nose and toes." Doctor Deb Lonzer says frostbite is a big concern. "Your skin and outer tissue become frozen. That's why it's critical to bundle up. Ears, toes, and fingers should be completely covered."

"A scarf should be wrapped around the face to cover the nose and you should have the scarf over your ears, a hat over your ears, earmuffs over your ears, something to cover your ears, so all of those parts need to be covered," Lonzer added.

Parent Melissa Mendez likes her kids to get out and have fun but doesn't want to take any chances with the cold.

"I don't let them go out. They wanted to come out yesterday and I said no. I'm not about to risk my kids life for anything in the world," Mendez said.

As for the Stockwell family, Phil already has a game plan for the frigid forecast. "It's probably going to be an Xbox day. We'll sit at home and watch movies or something like that."

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