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Weather to blame for burst pipes

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Inside this apartment, there's a steady hum of a fan after the pipes burst in a neighbor's apartment.

"Water came through the south wall.  It just came seeping out, seeping out.  About four hours.  I just kept mopping it up, soaking it up with towels and rags," said Bo Hollar.

Bo Hollar and Erica Nichols have been dealing with this mess for more than a day.

They live in the Harbour Run Apartments in Mentor and they're not the only ones with this problem.

Fortunately, they were able to scramble around putting books on their sofa and clearing things out of their closets before things got bad.

"A couple of boxes went into the trash.  But nothing major thankfully.  We got lucky," said Bo.

For now, they'll have to deal with a constant hum inside until the place is dry.

"I just cleaned yesterday and now everything's a disaster.  I'm just worried about the excess moisture and all that as well," said Erica.

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