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Residents along rivers cleaning up after flooding disasters

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Rocky River Rocky River

The weekend flooding's is disrupting the lives of people living along rivers in Northeast Ohio.

Courtney Mylen shows reporter Denise Zarrella what used to be her boat dock.

"The water was coming into our yard almost to our door.  All of put docks were in our yard. And you can see our one jet dock is hanging on an iceberg," Mylen said.

A quick warm up caused the ice to break and jam up.  Water spilled over the banks of the Rocky River.

"Once this all breaks through it is like freight train.  It is so loud.  It is really shocking. It roars for like an hour until it breaks free and gets into the lake," Mylen added. 

The force of the moving ice and water pushed Ed Abel's boat ashore.  The boat will have to stay on shore until everything melts. Other docks and break walls were taken out too.

"That sudden melting is what we've got to avoid. Sudden melting.  I'll keep my fingers crossed," Abel said. 

Right now there's a lot of finger crossing and hope that the damage you see right now is the worst of it.

"If the temperatures drop and this freezes over and this freezes again, we are all going to be here in the spring only it's going to be much more intense," Lakewood resident Pam Baron said. 

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