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Taking a Stand: Trust your local elected officials

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This past week and weekend, the amount of distrust in our local government and their ability to keep us safe really surprised me.

Allen Mounts and the Evansville Water and Sewer Department have done a heck of a job in keeping our water safe and drinkable after a chemical spill affected so many in West Virginia and cities  downstream.

After reading  the e-mails, tweets, and Facebook posts of some citizens  in the Tri-State;   you'd think that there  was a conspiracy by the water department, the CDC, the EPA, and the Federal Government to hide information from us, and kill us all.

People, we  have to have a little trust in those we elect and choose to lead our cities.   I'm all for questioning those in charge, but remember, their families are just as affected by these issues  as you are, and I  have to believe they wouldn't put them in harm's way.

When our safety is threatened  questioning those in charge is imperative ,  and believe me, we've done just that. Our news department did well over a dozen stories on the recent  chemical spill. We believe our reporting gave you the information you needed to have the confidence that our  water was safe to drink.

At some point we should all  take a stand to show some confidence in  our leaders from time to time until they give us a reason not to do so.

That's my stand , what's yours? 

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