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Local call center to help find shelter and warmth

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A local call center is ready to help out for anyone who has no heat or a warm place to stay while the cold temperatures become dangerous.

The cold is nothing to mess with and when temperatures drop below zero, there is a one-stop shop for those who need help.

211 is nothing new, but organizers said not everyone knows about it.

The call center, located at the United Way, is one of 10 in Indiana.

Operators help callers find shelters, a warm meal, and many other domestic and financial services.

In 2013, 211 took 21,000 calls.

They are ready to help on freezing colds nights.

"We want to make sure that we've got information on any shelters that are going to be open, as far as soup kitchens in the community so people have a place to go to warm up," said Sara Murray.

Operators answer calls 24 hours a day.

Simply dial 211 from any phone to be connected.

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