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Making the call: school officials on closings

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Working moms need time to prepare when school officials announce another snow day. Working moms need time to prepare when school officials announce another snow day.

Snow days have consequences for parents.

They have to figure out what to do with their children once the superintendent makes the call not to have classes. 

Many working parents scramble trying to make other arrangements and still make it to work.

One mother from Mentor says the production is expected with our relation to the lake, but winter 2014 has been exceptionally complex.

"It's a challenge that's for sure. This winter is an exception living in the snow belt. We're used to having winters like this but we've definitely had to modify our schedule, offered Terry Meadows.

Be assured however that the decision is not made lightly by your superintendent; they don't want students out sledding when they're supposed to be in school.

Mentor Superintendent Matt Miller said, "For parents I think they understand they have to have a backup plan in case something happens." 

But, for working moms, the relentless severe weather is a juggling act.

Amanda Manneda, a waitress at Market Street Family Restaurant in Mentor, has child care issues if there is a snow day.

"He's walking a double edged sword right there and I would not want his job," Manneda told our Brian Duffy.

Most parents understand the situation school officials are in, and tell us what they really want from school officials is time to prepare.

They say a call the night before is a big help but not always practical.

Again Miller, "If they're calling temps to be low enough with wind chill than we can make the decision the night before but if they're iffy on the forecast well probably wait until the following morning." 

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