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This Winter Storm is a real wild card

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Probability of seeing over 4 inches of Snow through Thursday Probability of seeing over 4 inches of Snow through Thursday

This is one of those forecasts that will likely take years off of my life. Though I am almost completely certain that we will see winter weather for the next few days, the specifics of where, what and how much has yet to really be determined.

We are continuing to update and tweak the forecast as the latest model runs get released. At this point, I am expecting the full event to last from Tuesday through Thursday. I believe Tuesday will act as preview for what we may see on Wednesday.

Tuesday morning will likely see light snow in the upstate, mostly south of I-85. As the afternoon approaches we can continue to see snow with the possibility of rain and sleet mixed in. Tuesday evening will provide a brief break in the snow before Wednesday. I expect to see maybe an inch of snow in some spots at this time.

Wednesday is looking like it will host the main event with this system. Snow will likely start early, south of I-85, and make its way farther north through the upstate and into western North Carolina. I expect Sleet and ice to make its way into Elbert, Abbeville, Greenwood, Laurens and Union county as well.

The snow, sleet and ice will likely last throughout Wednesday night and move out early Thursday. Travel can still be hazardous Thursday morning.

Total accumulations across the area by Thursday morning can be anywhere from 4 to 6 inches. Local spots may see even more! Again, it is hard to pin point exactly what locations will receive how much at this time. That is why I have decided to keep a general range for the upstate for now.

Many aspects of this storm can still change at any moment. The closer we get, the more certainty we can have in our numbers. What we do know now, however, is that winter weather is imminent at this point. It would be a good idea to take proper precautions while there is still time.

Stay Safe and stay warm!

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