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First Van Gogh exhibit to come to Cleveland since 1948

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Van Gogh's works on display. Van Gogh's works on display.

For the first time in over half a century a Van Gogh exhibit has come to Cleveland. 

Vincent Van Gogh's Repetitions can be seen at the Cleveland Museum of Art from March 2 to May 26. 

The exhibit shows off the numerous versions of each subject Van Gogh would sometimes create.

For the first time, many will be seeing these works side by side. 

The exhibition features over 30 works from museums and private collections around the world. 

"I just think that people will be amazed to find a different side of this artist, who we've all seen on film and read about in books. I think this kind of view of Van Gogh might change people's perceptions of him as an artist," says William Robinson, curator of modern European art at the museum.  

The exhibit costs $20 dollars for non-members of the museum.  

General admission is free. 

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