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Mike Manhatton's wake draws hundreds

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Savannah gathered Thursday night to remember Mike Manhatton – gone far too soon.

WTOC's veteran newsman, reporting for the station for 33 years, Manhatton died early Tuesday morning from coplications related to cancer.

He was 56.

Hundreds came to Fox and Weeks Funeral Home on Thursday night to pay their respects at Manhatton's wake.

"I had an idea of how much people cared about him and how much he cared about the people he was serving," Manhatton's step-daughter, Gabby Graham, said. "But I don't think I realized quite how much, just, you know, from 4:30 p.m. when the doors opened, until 8 o'clock, there's still people. It's been a constant line."

In that line was a mixture of tears and laughter – friends, family and fans sharing happy memories of a man gone far too soon.

"People have shown up in force today, everyone with the blue colon cancer ribbons," saod Manhatton's brother-in-law, Patrick Sullivan. "And it's really touching the way that everyone's going out of their way."

It was a motley crowd - policemen beside politicians beside reporters beside family - a testament to the wide reach of Manhatton's life and his three-plus decades as Savannah's newsman.

"Mike was here for a long, long time," former Savannah Mayor Otis Johnson said. "And he just kept a very high standard of professionalism. And I think that's why the community has turned out in such great numbers to pay tribute to him."

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