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Gay Games marches in St. Patrick's Day parade

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St. Patrick's Day parade in Cleveland. St. Patrick's Day parade in Cleveland.

In New York and Boston people can't walk with the word 'gay' in their Saint Patrick's Day parades, but in Cleveland you can.

Next summer the Gay Games will come to Cleveland and parade organizers here say Boston and New York made a mistake.

"Too bad for them. I think it creates controversy that they don't need. They called us. We knew they had the Gay Games here which is huge for the City.  We didn't want to be part of political controversy and it's just not a political day for us," said Tom McManamon, with the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Cleveland.

The Gay Games is hosting 36 events across Cleveland this summer. Opening ceremonies are at the Q Arena and closing ceremonies are at the Rock Hall.

Board members of the Gay Games tell me they are very happy to be a part of the special Irish celebration. Cleveland is their city and it's showing a lot of support for this summer's big event.

"This is 2014. A lot has changed. There still has a lot more than needs to change.  Look at Sochi and the Winter Games a month ago at events.  There still is a lot more work to be done," said Kevin Schmotzer with the Gay Games.

Along the parade route walkers did hear from two people who did not like the idea that the Gay Games were part of the parade in Cleveland.

"We had one negative reaction that's it. Everybody has been incredible.  Clapping.  Applauding.  Excited we are here!" said Michelle Delozier who walked in the Parade.

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