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Shopping: The worst cure for heartbreak

Updated: Mar 25, 2014 04:01 PM
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By Maria Von Losch
From The Style Glossy 

We had just celebrated six years of marriage on a romantic vacation in Belize when my husband broke the news to me: He didn’t want to be married anymore and I needed to move out.

What happens to a stylist/fashion blogger when she gets this kind of news? She goes on a shopping binge, of course! But after two months of splurging on fashion in my new city of San Diego (where my immediate family lives), I got a reality check: The pain I was trying to numb grew worse when I finally looked in my bank account and realized I’d pretty much spent all my savings.

I needed to do something different, something drastic, to heal my account -- and myself. No shopping was in order. But for how long? Thirty days? Sixty days? Six months?

No, it didn’t feel significant enough. It had to be a whole year, I decided. This would be my challenge: Shop my closet, take photos and blog about the experience daily.

And so Shop My Closet 365 Days Challenge was born. In this daily diary, I shared my journey, using my big life change as motivation to create the life I've always dreamed of. It was like a fashionista’s Eat, Pray, Love.

After a month of shopping my closet, I discovered that blogging daily, taking outfit photos and sharing my thoughts was more challenging than I thought. There is a lot more involved than just thinking about my wardrobe every day -- from planning, makeup and hair, to scouting locations, shooting at the right time of day for the best lighting, and editing photos.

Now into month nine of my shopping freeze, I've come to realize that classic pieces I've owned for many years still work with the latest seasonal trends. My trick for keeping my outfits updated and interesting is using accessories and juxtaposing different elements like hard and soft, edgy and feminine, and print on print. I’ve learned to keep my hair simple -- I either style it down with loose curls or keep it straight and use dry shampoo so I don’t have to fuss with it for a couple of days.

I’m feeling better about my finances and my life, and as I rediscover my style sense month by month, I’m also rediscovering myself.

Maria Von Losch is a stylist, fashion expert and style blogger at Her savvy style tips inspire women to transform their wardrobes and everyday outfit pairings.

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