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Lyndhurst couple turning the tide in local schools

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Between peer pressure, bullying, and school shootings youngsters are up against many social issues. One couple in Lyndhurst is being proactive and taking on the social issues head on.

For 20 years Stuart and Susan Muszynski have been taking their "Power of Love... Values in Action" workshops right to the source -- to the children and teens.

Stuart Muszynski says, "Students are craving a culture of kindness, caring and respect."

Keyshaun Smith is a junior at Nordonia High School who's trained to be a Power of Love administrator.

"It's a trickle down effect really. Start with this group we have behind me and take it back into the schools and it catches on," shares Smith.

14-year-old Nordonia High School freshman Amanda Episcopo says, "They say sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you. Well, words DO hurt. I've been depressed and talked to school counselors and even had suicidal thoughts. I've always wanted to start an anti-bullying club.

Seeing more cell phone videos of violent fights break out at schools and the ultimate tragedy, the Chardon shootings, make us wonder if violence and bullies are running rampant.

The Power of Kindness workshops are a recipe to turn the tide that's working. At Nordonia Schools, for example, values are winning. Project Love started here in the early 90s and continues to work today.

Absolutely. I see it in the halls," says Superintendent Joe Clark. "We are a district where kids are feel safe. Schools where kids feel like they can step up and take leadership roles."

That's why Stuart Muszynski says, "It really gives us hope because you realize that properly directed teens have the potential to really change the world."

Amanda Episcopo agrees, "I feel like I've taken the first step."

70,000 teens have now vowed to put values into action at more than 100 schools across Northeast Ohio. 19 Action News says two thumbs up for two people tangibly turning the tide.

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