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Asst. Cleve. Prosecutor granted immunity for 2008 Anthony Sowell attack

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Anthony Sowell Anthony Sowell

An appeals court has cleared an Assistant Cleveland City Prosecutor in a lawsuit over the handling of serial killer Anthony Sowell in the year before bodies of 11 women were found at his house.

The court ruled that the prosecutor had "absolute immunity" in deciding not to charge Sowell for an attack on a woman in 2008. Families of the dead victims have sued the city of Cleveland.

They argue the city failed to investigate or prosecute Sowell for that 2008 attack, and that allowed him to stay on the streets and kill.

The bodies were found in 2009.

The court found the assistant prosecutor simply reviewed the 2008 case and decided there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute.  She didn't actually investigate the case.

The civil legal action also names police investigators.

The cases had been put on hold until an appeals court ruled on this matter.

Sowell is sitting on death row, and he is appealing his sentence.

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