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CLEVELAND: Tree trimming knocks out power for Parkwood residents

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You see them all around town- tree crews sawing, chain sawing, and grinding up tree limbs but a job on Parkwood went wrong last Wednesday. Wires came down and out went the lights for several residents.

A crew from Lewis Tree Service in New York did the work but didn't want to talk about it, and left when we approached.  The power was restored by CEI but what happened next is the problem.

"I was sitting there looking at Married With Children and sparks just started flying out the TV, my DVR box and my radio that wasn't even on," says Carlos Smalls.

Smalls has begun making a claim, but there are other issues other than damage.

"Half our lights ain't working… furnace is out.  It blew a TV out, blew half our stuff out.

The heat ain't on in front.  I got the stove on," says Rosie Walker.

Walker is in her 90's and says some circuits work, others don't including the furnace.  So she heats with her stove. 

Lisa Owens sent her husband to her mother-in-law's with a kerosene heater.

"He said the thermometer read like 45 degrees.  I mean for an 83-year-old that's cold," says Owens.

We found that people with problems should call CEI, who will notify Lewis Tree of the problems.  Lewis says any losses are covered by insurance, and they'll have claim investigators out soon.  

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